Sabtu, 12 November 2011

TRAX - Blind (Lyrics Translate)

Even if you lean your head against me and blankly look at me, you don't know
I spread my arms and say that it feels so cool but you still don't know

I am invisible but I am standing in front of you
But your eyes look past me

* Just once, just once, please look for me
The more you feel, the more you feel
I become more and more invisible
At the end of my desperate prayers
If only you will find me so that I can have you in my arms

In the hazy winter frost, I try to draw my heart but you don't know
I gather the scattered raindrops and shed them instead of tears but you don't know

I am cold but I am flowing toward you
I despise myself for being square

* repeat

My heart is cracked, cut and broken
At the end of a rough day
When I am broken into pieces, you would be able to see me

** You can't see so I love you like this
Even your fingerprints in the corner
I strongly engrave them into me
My blackened and bruised heart-
I take it out and show it to you
But you just say that looks pitch-black outside

You can't see so you say that looks pitch-black outside
You just endlessly look outside the window


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