Rabu, 16 November 2011


I don't know why I write this but... at least... I just want to express my feeling, that's okay right?

well... I'll start...

You know, being different is never be easy...
Accent and all about me, it's different, but that's okay right? it should be okay...
But why am I crying?
Why am I so sad about this?

They laugh at me,
Just because I speak with "unique accent"
That should be my characteristic right?
That's one of so many things that makes me so different

I'm smiling,
But that doesn't mean that I'm happy,
Ever heard about smiling outside but crying inside?
That's what happens to me...

I never wish to be here,
For one sided happiness I'm here now,
I never said this before but...
It feels wrong, all of this....

Did I do something wrong?
If I make other people happy,
But I'm not happy at all,
Is that wrong?

I know that it's not like me to write something like this, but if there's a moment that I want to cry, when I write this is that moment, I want to cry now, but I know that I can't cry, not now... please, not now...