Kamis, 22 Desember 2011


I'll be honest, I never celebrate any Mother's Day because for me, there's no need this one day to show that I love my Mother, showing it everyday is better than only on one day right?
But still,
thank you Mother, for everything, that's all that I can say, thank you for everything ^_^

Senin, 19 Desember 2011


"Silence is golden"

Yeah, some people use that words, sometimes I use that too, but you know what?

"Silence isn't golden"

There is this sentence, and what I think about it is...

"Silence is golden, if it's better if we have to be silent. BUT,
Silence wouldn't worth anything, if your silence only brings you nothing

Minggu, 18 Desember 2011

Another Words From Me...

"Put aside your anger, and do your duty"

Actually, that's such a lie to me, I can't put aside my anger but yet I still do my duty.
I do my duty because I have to,
But I can't put aside my anger because my heart is still hurt every time I remember what she said,
Unfortunately for me I forget how to angry, that's silly right?
Yeah, that's the silliest thing that I ever thought.

I always put my anger away from my thought but it seems I already step over my line
All that I can do is stay silent, why? Because there's no way I show my anger to her,
She is my senior, I have to respect her

You know what? In a time like this, I listen to Wind by Stoned Town, Naruto OST
There's a line of lyrics that I like so much:

"Motivate your anger, made them all realize"

That's just sound great
That song is recommendation from me,
the meaning is deep, that's why I like it.
Sometimes I feel like... that song is for me, or at least someone like me.

Someone like me, who always try to stay calm, but actually crying inside, and don't have any brave to tell everyone that I am angry, that I am sad, that I am not happy.
Someone who is scared to the world, always try to say that I'm scared, but never be able to do it,
because of what? Because I'm scared....