Sabtu, 21 Januari 2012

I'm an ELF

I'll make a confession, for so long, I am an ELF

I never bragged about this right? hehehe,
that was because I didn't know how to say it,
to type it, to write it
So I'll say this, I am an ELF,
I am a sparkyu, a gamers, I love Super Junior (esp Kyuhyun, but I love other members as well ^_^)
I am not an Antis of anyone or any groups, I'm not a shipper of any couples, I'm just an ELF, a sparkyu,
I hate fanwar and other things related to that,
I don't want to claim Super Junior since I know that they will never be mine,
I'm a friend of a Sone and a Shawol (they're my classmates, hehe)
I don't like other boyband or girlband that doesn't mean that I am an Antis, I don't like them, but I don't hate them
I am aware of people who said that I am not a good citizen since I like Korean musics,
For those who think something like that, I'll tell you,

What I like is the music, music is taste, and you cannot force me to like something which is not my taste,
don't say that I'm not a good citizen just because I love Super Junior, I'm still aware of any problems that happened in this country recently, yeah, recently.

And if you still say I'm not a good citizen because I prefer Korean boyband or girlband, lets take a look for my words above, I already said for so many times in any fanpages or any posts related to this, music is taste, you cannot force us to like something which is not my taste.

I'm getting tired of those people who cannot understand that, then they bashed Super Junior, and I was just smiling at them, and said "What do you know about Super Junior so you can bash them?"

Then they just said about plastic surgery or anything, bad things, mostly

and that's all? I thought.

They don't know how awesome their songs are, they don't know about what they've been through to be a big star like now, they don't know some of them nearly died, they don't want to take a look at the meaning of their songs ( I always do that, excuse me), about how deep the meaning of their songs, the hidden meanings, all that they can do is BASHING.

I hate fanwar, I hate bashing, but what can I do?

I'm not an ELF for all over 6 years, I became an ELF a year ago, so late huh?
But Siwon's words make me so relieved,

You don't have to be an ELF since the beginning, but you have to be an ELF until the end

or at least that's the translation
yeah, I'm an ELF, I don't like to brag about that, but I think I need to post this,

So everyone, I'm very sorry if this post disturb you, but please understand what I feel, as a big fan, as an ELF....

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