Sabtu, 11 Februari 2012

15 Reasons Why Commit Suicide is Stupid

Commit suicide ===> stupid thing to do


  1. Because GOD will never forgive you
  2. Because you're going to HELL for sure
  3. Because you waste the life that God gave you when you were born
  4. Because you waste everything that you've done
  5. Because you get nothing from  it, only Hell
  6. Because you give nothing, except sadness
  7. Because you'll not get happiness from it, once again, only Hell
  8. Because you miss your chance to go to HEAVEN
  9. Because you'll regret it for sure, but it'll be too late
  10. Because people who hate you will be happy
  11. Because you've failed to make people who hate you become people who love you
  12. Because you'll miss everything that happened after your death
  13. Because someone who loves you the most will be sad and cry, calling your name because he/she needs you, but you're not there
  14. Because maybe you'll never meet those who you love anymore, because they're in Heaven, and you're in Hell
  15. Because maybe you'll cry out for your life, you want to be alive anymore, but everyone knows that it'll be impossible

Conclusion: don't commit suicide, think about everything positively and never let yourself down, everyone has problems, but there's always a way to solve all of them, never give up on your life guys, no matter how hard is your life, no matter if there're so many people hate you, you have to stay alive until your time has come, and fix everything before that time comes, it's not you who decide your death, it's God. Please think about everything in your life my friends, your family, someone who loves you, someone who's so loyal to you, think about them, can you leave them just like that just because you have so many problems that you think they're unsolved?
Never think that no one's loving you, even if you don't know, there'll be at least one person who'll cry out loud because of your death, someone who always thinks about you even though he/she never showed it to you, remember sometimes love cannot be shown, not everyone can express their feelings,
so, my friends, never waste your life, okay? ^_^

nechan's out ^_^ see ya :D

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