Sabtu, 17 Maret 2012

Revealing Myself

Hi guys, it's been a while since I post things about me, yeah, it's been too long since the last time I said "This is the real me."
No many people know which one is the real me, the bad-tempered one, cute one, spoiled child, cool girl, or just a shy girl?
Let me describe myself just a bit, because I just found that someone actually super misunderstood me, and I hate that.
I've never been an easy girl, if you ever feel that way, that means you totally got the wrong feelings.
If I write ambiguous thing, does that mean you can spread to all over the world about what I'm writing?
Does that mean you can conclude anything by yourself? Without knowing anything especially the meaning behind my writing?! Do that and you'll be in my blacklist immediately.
Get what I mean? I mean, I hate narrow minded people.

If you want to know the meaning, JUST ASK!! Don't conclude by yourself!!

The worst is if my writing concluded by narrow minded people with a very gross mind.
Oh, add this, I hate people with gross mind, if you know what I mean.

I'll stop about narrow minded people here.

Then, spoiled child, oh yeah, I AM LIKE THAT HUH?



In fact, I hate a spoiled people, seriously
even for me, sick is not a reason for any people to be spoiled,
IF pretend to be a spoiled people is okay because maybe you're just want to play with that attitude or just wanna have fun with doing spoiled things with the fact that you're actually not a spoiled people, BUT I really hate it if someone has a spoiled attitude just because you're sick, even someone with a very severe disease is still trying to not bother other people, you just have a headache and you make people do anything! even picking up the phone which is exactly beside you! Just what is that?!

Actually this is "curhat" so I'm sorry

You want to say that I'm a spoiled kid? with all of my mind I will say that you're wrong, if you say that, that means you don't know me very well, HAH! You don't know me well but you judge me!! How great is that?!

Cute girl?
Thank you but no thank you

With this somehow giant-like body of mine, it'll be such a lie if you say that I'm cute
BUT thank you if FOR YOU I'm cute
You're saying that I ever acted cute?
That's because I like to do that, doesn't mean that I AM cute.
I am not trying to be cute, I just act that way to bother other people, somehow I like their reaction if I acted cute in front of them, their reactions just show me how NOT CUTE I AM.

I am a crybaby?
How many times do you ever see me crying? None? Just go then.

With the fact that I don't let anyone to see my tears, I can't be considered as a crybaby right? huh...
I will never cry for something that not worth of tears.
Movies? It's just movies! How could you think I will cry just because of a sad scene?! I am not that sensitive so get over it! If you want to say that I have no heart that's up to you I don't care! But proves it if I'm wrong, why do I have to cry for something that doesn't real?!


How much do you think I cried because of Hachiko? MUCH!
Why should I cry for something that doesn't actually happen? Why?!
You said I have no heart because I'm not crying of a sad script?!

I have enough with those things! I have no heart they say? Give me a break, if you want to cry that much just read your nation's history, it'll be weird if you're not crying.
Oh yeah, I am not a sensitive person so I'm sorry, no offense at all though, that's just what I'm thinking.

Why I'm such a silent girl? Even if I'm angry?
It's simple, because I know exactly that no one will cares about why am I angry,
I know myself too well that's why I know that no one will understands about my mind.
Let me ask you, is there anybody who already understand me here? Just from this post?

My voice always cracks if I'm angry, that's why I choose to be silent,
My voice is loud so it'll bothers other people around me,
My voice is deep even with the fact that I'm a girl,
My voice has a sharp tone when I'm talking,
People around me said that I often use vulgar tone,
People will misunderstand me when I'm talking because of my tone,
I don't know how many people know but actually I can get stutter when I'm talking,
The final is I don't know what kind of tone that I should use so people will understand me,

I always want to speak up but with those facts, can I?
I always thought that I'd better write than talk, but now even people misunderstand my writing, so what should I do?

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