Kamis, 05 Juli 2012

Super Junior 6th Album Sexy, Free & Single

Hello, nechan is here ^^
It's been a while since I updated, and now I want to share about Super Junior's 6th Album, Sexy, Free, & Single ^^

Well, as you know I'm an ELF form Indonesia, kkk~
The first time I heard about their comeback, I was like, "Really?! O_O"
I was so surprised because they were just finishing their Super Show 4,
but then, I realized something,


I was so happy when I heard this, and now they've made their comeback on M Countdown (Mnet)

About their title song, Sexy, Free, & Single, I like it so much, the genre is somehow new for my ears, but I don't know why, this song is stuck on my head like crazy. I couldn't stop listening to this song, moreover, while watching the Music Video (MV).

But actually, when I knew the title song's name, I was like.... "Hey, this is a bit..."
then, I watched the MV Teaser, and I was like, "WHOAA!!! THIS IS GREAT!"
before that, I didn't expect that this will be that great, when I see the photo teasers, I think the song will be a bit softer (search the photo teasers if you want to understand what I mean, I can't upload it one by one because of my connection), but I like the beat!

And I like the MV concept too, somehow reminds me of Bonamana, but hey, they got the courage and changed so much for the MV. Some people still said they're still in a box ( I know what are they talking about, just see SJ's past MVs, you'll understand), but this one is much better, I don't know it's because of Super Junior members themselves or this is just great.

I think the most of people will think that this title song will be the same like Sorry Sorry, Bonamana, or Mr. Simple when they watch the MV Teaser, but when you listen to the full song, this is so different, as I say, the genre is new for my ears, that means I never heard them sing a song with this genre.

The thing that gave me a shock was this song called From U in this album, this song is dedicated to ELF, I was so happy, THIS SONG IS GREAT!

My favorite track is Daydream, it gives me shivers...

The first thing that got my attention from the MV is the dance move, I'm sure if I do the moves, my legs will break into pieces, it's so hard for someone who can't dance at all like me! And I really love the moves, it suits the song well ( it's not just sexy okay).

So, I want to share the link of their MV Teaser, Song Medley, and MV, just watch this! This is great! Just click on them XD

Thank you so much for watching them, I appreciated all comments ^^