Jumat, 27 September 2013

Losing, Realistic, The Fact

I'm tired of these craps
Something called friendship
Something called love
What the heck are they?

I'm trying hard for not losing myself to my anger
But anything that you do
just make me more and more angry
But I can't just punch you in the face right?

Do you know how hard it is to be a realistic person?
While I have to think about someone's feeling?
The fact that I'm trying to analyze everything?
Shut the crap out, you know nothing

When you said that, no
when you sent me that message,
You didn't care about my feeling do you?
You only cared about that feeling of yours

You said this and that,
I'm not surprised if you spread things
You really have to know
How hurt I was because of you

Those damn words of yours
That attitude
Everything showed me more and more
about that one fact

You're selfish people
You who made me cry that night
and the day after that
You who woke me up

Sorry, I was going to come back
but then I realize what she said was right
I shouldn't be here in the first place
This damn fact

I tried, okay?
But look at that
who cared about my messages?
the fact is just right!!

Want to know what the fact is?

The fact that...

I was never one of you. Ever.

If I was really one of you

Then you would never do that to me.

But you did.

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