Kamis, 10 Oktober 2013

The Story of A Girl (Two Girls)

Let me tell you a ridiculous story

So once lived a girl, she was shy, anti-social, realistic, but from all that, she had no friends.
All that she had was herself, she loved her family, but she always felt that her mother cared about her brother-who's smarter more. Proof? Her brother always borrowed her stuffs without her permission, and even rarely returned them. She told her mother, guess what? "You're siblings, you should share," she said. Then? Her brother didn't even let her borrow anything from him, and her mother said that it was his brother's stuffs so she couldn't borrow them without his permission. Funny.
Once, she thought finally she got some friends, only for being left by them. She restrained her anger. Then she got friends again, but now? They turned out to be talking things behind her, whoa, so many secrets, again, she restrained. Finally, she moved to a new environment, and got some friends who claimed to be her bestfriends. But then she realized that she never be one of them, because after three years they still couldn't accept the fact that she was a realistic person. Just then, she couldnt hold it anymore.

Years of angers built up into "someone" inside her, the girl who took all the anger, the hatred, the one who couldn't cry. This girl who was born out from anger and hatred, having her eyes dry from tears since the one at outside had been crying too much. She had it enough about all this non-sense called friendship and love. She couldnt care about anyone else, because for her it was a waste of time, caring for those who didnt care about her. This girl who used to watch from the inside, finally made her way out. She spoke out, without caring if people would think that she's crazy.

Even after that, the girl who used to be outside begged her to stop, this girl who could only cry in silence.

After they switched again, the girl finally realized that those who she cared the most practically ignoring her, she even saw one if them talked things about her. The girl inside her told her to see, that these were the real them, that they never actually cared. That time, she understood.

Now, she practically acted like nothing ever happened. But sometimes she laughed it off, this time they became a duo. The girl now blamed those who made her the way she was now. Those who made her couldn't believe in the term of friendship, love, or caring.

Ridiculous right? Hahaha.

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  1. No, it's plausible character-assassination-themed story.How unfortunate it is.... How half-unfortunate I am....

    1. well at least she didn't kill anyone... why did you say that you're half-unfortunate? .-.