Minggu, 24 November 2013

Traumatic Friendships

You know what? I've been in any kind of friendships before, but nothing really worked.
In the end, if we were not ended up fighting, I would realize that they were just using me.
Freak, they didn't even actually care about me.
They didn't know me.
Once they knew me they left me.
So if I decided to leave them first, is that wrong? They'll leave anyway.

In any case,
after my last 'friendship', well I don't know if they still think that I'm their friend or not,
I can't have this feeling anymore.
You know, that feeling when you feel like you want to be friends with someone?
I just can't feel it anymore.
I can't put my trust fully at someone. I just can't.

I just thought about it today
Now that I remember all of those stuffs
let's just say that we're a group of four.
Three of us share their secrets and anything,
but they don't tell me anything.
Is that a friendship? Huh?
You think I don't know how many times these people who called themselves as my friend always hide at least a secret from me but they tell the others? What the heck is that?
I'm not that stupid for not seeing you guys whispering or anything but when I come you guys get silent.
You think I'm blind and stupid?

And you still say that you're my friends?

With these reasons, some people still think that I'm an asocial since birth.
Nah, you guys turned me into this.
I can't put my trust on anyone because of these people.
And sorry, but I just can't make any friends anymore.