Rabu, 16 Juli 2014

My Dear Friends...

(This is for different people, that's why I use numbers)

1. Hey, I read your post, and I was surprised to see you being mad like that. I just hoped that you weren't talking about me (well, not that I feel it was me), or ever felt that way about me. I wanted to ask whether you're okay or not, but silly me, of course you're not okay, you are freaking angry, how could you be okay? I don't even know whether I still have the right to ask something like that to you or not. But I'm glad to see your latest post, you're doing well. Thank you for remembering my birthday, anyway, hehe.

But hey. I just found this weird quote in a bookstore, I want to buy the thing but it was too expensive for me at the time lol. But. I really really want to say this to you:


2. You... I am mad at you. I'm serious, no matter how I think about it I just can't help but feeling disappointed. Do you even still consider me as your friend? Just be honest because you're not treating me like one, years of friendship, feels like it's nothing for you. Okay, you're busy, but I am busy, everyone is busy, but no one, just no one, other than you from all people that I know, act like this towards someone they consider as a friend. I'm trying to understand just how busy you are right now but you don't even contact your so called best friends. or maybe we are not? maybe you've found better friends and you're so busy contacting them then you just somehow forget about us? if you have, good for you. It's just awesome how it seems that you don't even realize this. And thank you so much, for forgetting my birthday, my dear friend.
Oh no, I'm not mad at you because of that, it's just weird that even someone who I thought was not my friend anymore suddenly sent me a message, congratulated me for my birthday, even wished me the best for my life.

3. I'll give you back your novel, I promise, I've found it.

4. Can you just cut off your business and go to my treat? I'll treat you something delicious!!

5. Actually.... I didn't forget your birthday, I... missed the timing to congratulate you? We were in some kind of bad terms at that time so... I hope you understand... You didn't congratulate me for my birthday anyway :p huahahahahaha

6. I know that we met in twitter but can we be good friends? we're compatible and we all know that huahahahaha we can rule the world if we want kkkkk let's go to SS6 together shall we??

7. Well... you know, when I said that thing, I was being honest and I was afraid that you thought me as a mere spoiled kid and was too attached to you... but then you said the same thing. I trust you, I really do. Thank you, for feeling the same.

8. Stop taking selcas and take a pic of your arts please. I want to judge-ehem-see them.

9. I will not leave anyone behind, if one not going then that's it, no one will go. You are my friends and that's it. Don't ever say that you're not that close to me compared by someone else. Once you're my friend, then you're the same, no comparison.

10. HEY. From all people I never thought that you would congratulate me for my birthday because you were so cold to me for a damn year! But well, are we good now? :3 You'll let me torture you with my baby voice again now? :3