Sabtu, 31 Januari 2015

My Cat

Yes, it's true, I have a cat! Even though some people will say that he's just a cat who's living in my house, I don't care. He recognizes me, always calls me when it's his dinner time, and I have this push and pull relationship with him <3

So yeah, I named him Poyo, like the short anime Poyopoyo Kansatsu Nikki, because his face is just so round and chubby X3 he loves to eat too, his favorite food is fried chicked and scrambled egg, and of course, the expensive cat food from the supermarket TTwTT
He really loves sleeping too, yeah, he's an old cat, old-spoiled-cat. I heard that his previous owner let him go because he ran away from home (The previous owner's house is not that far from my house so I think sometimes he still comes for a visit).

That's his favorite chair, btw. Isn't he cute when he's sleeping? I can only take the pictures of him sleeping because he always jumps to me when he sees me TTwTT then he will stroke his head against my legs or my hands until I pet him or give him food, once I didn't give him food or anything, guess what? HE DID NOT LET ME ENTER MY HOUSE AND KEPT ME AWAY FROM THE DOOR. I find it cute, he kept meowing... he was a little bit upset when I moved him so he tried to take my hands away from him (he almost scratched me), but after doing that he looked so down and kept his head down (he was like oh crap did I scratch her? seriously? bad me...) but still trying to keep me away from the door, but not as aggressive as before. In the end he gave up, still looking so down, he didn't even made a sound when I entered my house. I saw him still sitting on the floor near the door, still with his head down. He looked surprised when he saw me came out again and he seemed to restrain from stroking his body against my legs again and only meowed a little, so I pet him, and for more surprise, I gave him his lunch. He looked excited (but not as much as before) and he ate it, after I entered my house, I peeked from the window, he looked around and seemed confused before he ate his lunch again.

For some people he will look like he just wants food from me. But for me, it's more than that. He's shy, very shy. He never let me see his scars (he became a stray cat after the previous owner let him go, maybe he got into some fights with other cats) by turning his body away, he always cleans himself before he strokes his body to my legs. Once, I peeked from the window and he saw me, but he only turned around a little and didn't meow, but when I was about to go he immediately turned his head towards me completely and was like "MEOW!!!!" (it sounded like a scream) when I looked at him again, he was breathing fast and didn't take his eyes off from me, he kept meowing until finally I came out and played with him. That was so cute, felt like he tried to not show that he loves me, but he couldn't help to show it when I was about to go.

Anyway, while I was writing this, he isn't home yet TT^TT

Because he really loves to play outside I didn't keep him in my house (that is why I got him a collar), but today... after his lunch, seemed like there were other cats, I don't know whether they were his friends or his rival of territory, I tried to keep them away because Poyo was scared of them. After all those cats were gone, he played outside... after that.... it was raining hard TT_TT very hard to the point my mother who was out for some businesses decided to go home.
I think he decided to take a rest somewhere else (somehow I hope he's in his previous home, not anyone's home who would kick him away), but I am so worried, I hope he's okay and will come home soon TT_TT

Not Anymore

I tried, okay? But in the end I felt like I was the only one who was trying to keep this friendship. Your attitude towards me answered it all, thank you for making it clear. I can't accept reasons anymore. I've had enough of you, and those friends of yours. You can say anything about me, you have my permission. Because I won't care anymore.

You are not my friend anymore, I will make it clear. From that day, we are just people who know each other.
And right now in my head I already have some scenarios of what will your friends say about me, well, I'm a writer, don't blame me for it, I have some experiences listening to the talks anyway.